Mortadella Calculator

I am still mastering the techniques of making emulsified sausage and other charcuterie, but I thought I would post this tool for anyone interested in making mortadella. This is based on several other recipes, but allows you to scale it down to a very small batch, or unusual amounts if you are butchering larger pieces of pork to go into the sausage.

Simply input the amount of lean pork you have (in grams) and it will give you all of the other measurements necessary. The amount of fat directly ground into the sausage should be as close as possible to the number given in the table. For the amount of fat pieces incorporated later, I give two options depending on how fatty you would like the product. The only measurements to take note of are the Salt and Curing Salt #1. You should use the smaller or larger amount of these ingredients listed in the table, proportional to if you are using more or less fat chunks. Otherwise the spices/flavorings can be used with less precision if you prefer, but the table does provide recommended ranges for measurements.

Mortadella Formula

Ingredient % Measurement (g)