Orange & Whey Sorbet - Using the byproduct of making Greek Yogurt

I know some people save yogurt or cheese whey for adding a little to soups/stews. But I don't usually have the freezer space for storing it long term, so it's usually thrown out.

For fun I decided to try turning it into sorbet.

  • 500ml Greek Yogurt Whey
  • 500ml Orange Marmalade Syrup (the runny leftovers of a marmalade batch)
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Cap of Vanilla Extract
  • Generous Splash of Orange Liqueur 

The remaining chunks of orange rind where given a quick chop before combining everything and putting it into the churn. For different flavours you could easily swap marmalade for another fruit preserve/syrup that's roughly 50% sugar. Alternatively you could probably use roughly 500ml of fruit juice or puree, with maybe 200g of a sugar.

The results are surprisingly delicious. The intense tartness of the whey was totally mellowed by the sweetness, while still leaving a pleasant yogurt aftertaste. Still could use some development but very pleased for a first attempt. Texture wise I'll have to wait for the overnight freeze, but preliminary sampling suggest it's really smooth for sorbet.