Egg Coffee Mead

For this coffee mead  I wanted to compare a medium and dark roast that I had on hand.

I started by measuring 8g of each coffee to proceed with a miniature assessment. I did a relatively coarse grind while preparing some boiling filtered water. The coffee grounds were steeped for about five minutes before smelling and tasting. Ultimately this was probably over complicated and I decided on a combination to balance the taste and aroma that I thought would pair best with honey.

For the full batch I measured 75g of each coffee. I did a slightly finer grind, although next time I would probably go even finer. For the infusion I'm using the Scandinavian technique of egg coffee. I ended up combining the grounds with a total of six eggs, this will clarify and mellow the resulting coffee. The mixture was combined with 3L of room temperature distilled water before being put on maximum heat. Once it reached boiling it was left for 10 minutes before turning the heat off and cooling with a splash of additional water. The egg coffee was filtered and topped off with some additional distilled water to reach a total of 3L again. It did end up being very mild but I think it will be a nice amount of coffee flavor for the mead, although I may attempt to make future batches slightly stronger.

After cooling in the fridge overnight I brought a small amount of coffee to a boil. This was to dissolve the  900g of honey. Once that had dissolved and cooled down I added it to the remaining coffee, and pitched the yeast.